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Latest media releases

Hume Dam power generation trial set to start, benefits to flow

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) and energy company Meridian Energy Australia will trial varying water release patterns from Hume Dam to increase power supplies and grid stability this...

Demand increasing in the approach to summer

The total amount of water stored in the Murray–Darling Basin's dams has dropped below the 50 per cent mark, signalling the need for irrigators, industry operators and environmental water managers to...

Review gives progress on northern compliance the thumbs up

The review of a major environmental flow in the northern Murray–Darling Basin has found the water made its way unhindered through the Barwon–Darling thanks to temporary restrictions on water...

Week 3 of #TurtleMonth - a species that not many people will come across in the Murray-Darling Basin is the vulnerable Western Saw-Shelled turtle. No guesses required about where its name comes from, this species has a serrated edge on the outer edge of its shell. Also known as the Bell’s Turtle, it is restricted to upland streams in the Namoi, Gwydir, and Border Rivers.

21 hours 44 min ago